• Rustam


    it geek, programmer, love java, hate forks.

  • Lara Jacobs

    Lara Jacobs

    Technology @ Disruptive Things

  • Peter Grosskopf

    Peter Grosskopf

    CTO/MD at Börse Stuttgart Digital Exchange. Former CTO and CoFounder at solarisBank. Making Decentralization happen https://www.linkedin.com/in/petergrosskopf/

  • Omid Aladini

    Omid Aladini

    Developer at SoundCloud working on infrastructure and data. Loves music and the web and wants to do a great thing!

  • marco


    strategy. technology + product architecture. future design + engineering. systems thinking. token economics. neuroscience. ceo lab75.jp one.io gamedao.co dfy.io

  • Marius Fischer

    Marius Fischer

  • Maximilian von Wallenberg

    Maximilian von Wallenberg

    MD @ Börse Stuttgart Digital Exchange

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